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Supplying Rochester NY And The Surrounding Areas With Quality Restaurant And Pizza Supplies Since 1965

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Hillcrest Food Service has been supplying a wide variety of quality food products to the Rochester and surrounding areas since 1965.



Pizza supplies is our speciality. Whether you make your own dough or not, we offer all the components to make a finished product.


We feel that quality products is the foundation for success in the restaurant business.

The quality products that Hillcrest Food Service supplies, will help  maximize that essential foundation as well as grow your sales and profits. 


You will find quality products such as

Stanislaus Food Products, Empress, General Mills and Hormel.


Fine deli supplies, meats and chesses by Carolina Turkey, Carando Meats and Great Lakes Cheese. 

Kens Dressings, Barilla Pasta and Oscar Mayer just to name a few.


Don't forget the fresh chicken wings! We pride ourselves on the freshness of the brands that we offer. We have fresh chicken wings delivered to us almost everyday to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible.   


If Hillcrest Food Service does not have what you need, we will use our national resources to find it for you.

A great restaurant experience can only come from fantastic service, a clean and inviting establishment with top quality ingredients. Anything less will be the beginning of the end. 


"You can not create great cuisine without great ingredients" - Chef Emerald Lagasse