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About Us

Hillcrest Turkey Products was started in 1965 by Joseph P Lombardo.

Joe got his start in 1961 at a local meat market cutting beef and pork. In 1963 Joe was approached by a company in Rochester to come work for them processing turkey. As time went on Joe worked closely with the two partners learning the internal workings of a business. In 1965, the two partners had a difference between them that could not be resolved, and the company was on the verge of closing.

At that time Joe was only twenty five years old and he loved his job and the thought of losing it was not what he planned for the future. He approached the partners about selling the business to him. To their surprise he was able to borrow the money and he bought the company from them.

In 1967 a poultry processing plant in Mendon NY was closing and the property was available to rent. The location all though was farther away from the city of Rochester offered room for expansion and was already set up fro further processing.

Quickly his product line expanded from boneless, rolled and tied turkey breast to cooked deli turkey, turkey sausage, turkey ham and his signature product of boneless white and dark meat rolls were a staple with all of the country clubs and institutions in the surrounding areas.

In the 1970's Joe purchased the property in Mendon and he could see that it was time to diversify and chicken was added to the product line. 

Hillcrest offered fresh whole, split and quartered fryers. As the 70's were coming to a close a chicken product that was regarded as peasant food or even know as a by- product would forever change the chicken industry, the chicken wing was born. As the demand for fresh chicken wings increased so did all the products that goes along with them. Hillcrest had customers requesting hot sauce, butter, spices, takeout containers and the list goes on.

By 1980 along with the explosion of chicken wings, the pizzeria business saw an increase in sales with the addition of chicken wings to their menus.

Hillcrest was again ready to diversify and this time it was pizza supplies. Hillcrest was supplying a local pizza chain with chicken wings and other related products when the broker from a tomato company located in California approached Hillcrest about supplying their products to this chain. The company was Stanislaus Food Products. With the distribution of tomato products to the pizza industry, along came other related products such as cheeses, toppings and boxes. Deli supplies were added to accompany the pizza supplies. Hillcrest Food Service was one of the first to distribute Stanislaus Food Products in Rochester NY.


From the late 1980's and through to the present day, the now Hillcrest Food Service has expanded their product lines to offer not only pizzeria supplies but a wide selection of restaurant supplies.